Special Occasion Hair Dos ~The Four Stages Of Success

 Special Occasion Hair Dos

The four stages of Success


special occasion hair dos
Special occasion hair dos ~ there are numerous  pretty up style hairdos !

Special occasions often involve the opportunity to dress up and make an impression. It’s likely that we’ll start thinking about our makeup , outfit , and accessories ahead of time . But what about our hair ? For many people , their hair is a last minute consideration other than a quick brush through ! But if we’re really dressing to impress , our hair can lift a look to the next level.

Special Occasion Hair Dos
Special occasion hair dos ~ adding white flowers to wedding hair dos ! 

Great hair doesn’t have to mean an extravagant or fussy style. It can be as simple or as elaborate as we want it to be. Whatever our hair type or length , the styles that look best will flatter our features and compliment the outfit we’ve chosen. If you’re planning to make the most of your hair for a special occasion , consider these tips.


1. Start Ahead Of Time

If we have the luxury of being able to plan ahead , we should take full advantage. Start preparing your hair for the event by taking care of it. Condition it with a hair mask , or go for a trim to freshen it up. Grooming details like this are perhaps especially important if you’re going for a simple style or planning to leave your hair down.

Special Occasion Hair Dos
Start preparing your hair for the event , go for a trim to freshen it up.

Pampering your hair with a few extra products can make all the difference to its shine and manageability. Hair oils can improve the appearance of dry split ends , for example , especially if we use them for a few days before the event. If it has been cared for ahead of time , our hair will look healthy and beautiful on the day or night of the event.

Special Occasion Hair Dos
Hair oils can improve the appearance of dry split ends your hair will look healthy and beautiful .


2. Consider Your Outfit

Some outfits benefit from certain hairstyles. If we have a beautiful or unusual neckline , for example, an up-do will show it off and add real elegance to the look. If our outfit has a laid-back , bohemian vibe then loose , textured waves can complete the look. Think about the overall effect you’d like to create as well as areas of the outfit you’d like to show off. An outfit and hairstyle can really compliment each other.

Special Occasion Hair Dos
If you have a beautiful or unusual neckline up style hair dos will add real elegance to your look !


3. Accessories and Hair Pieces

A special occasion can be the perfect time to rock an eye-catching accessory like a dainty headband or jewelled clip. It is also popular to add hair pieces or extensions to add volume , length or thickness. This step is possibly for the more experienced. Hair extension care and upkeep can be major. But it’s worth considering if you’re going for the “wow” factor. An extra bit of sparkle or even flowers can draw attention to even a very simple style. Accessories can give a fun , youthful dimension to any outfit.

Special Occasion Hair Dos
It is popular to add hair pieces or extensions to add volume on wedding hair dos !
4. Practice Makes Perfect

It is normal to feel a bit nervous before a special occasion and there are usually lots of things to prepare. If time allows , practise the style well in advance of the event. Especially if you have never tried it before. If you’re having professional input on the day, it can be worth having a rehearsal or trial of the style ahead of time.

Special Occasion Hair Dos
Elegant ‘up hair dos’ combined with the right outfit & accessories can really compliment each other

We may like a style in principle but then dislike it on our own facial features. There would be nothing more disappointing than discovering this on the day. Plan ahead , play around , and you can approach the style with confidence when the time comes.

Special Occasion Hair Dos
Special occasion hair dos – plan ahead , play around , and you can approach the style with confidence when the time comes.


special occasion hair dos
A special occasion can be the perfect time to rock an eye-catching accessory like a jewelled clip or a tiara


Thanks a lot for reading , I hope I could inspire you to try some new ‘hair dos’ for your own next special occasion !

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Nicole P.

Never thought that we have to prep hair just as much as we have to prep the skin for the wedding day! You’re right that for most, the hair is an afterthought… Usually, I go for easier to do hairstyles and pick out flowers from our garden to style my kid’s hair for special occasions, all because all I can do are braids and curls and not buns. 😀


Great tips for preparing the hair, I’ve not been able to do anything fancy with my hair since its been short, I can’t wait for it to grow so I can try new styles! I have a wedding coming up next year, I’m a bridesmaid, so I will have to practice some styles when I get my dress. Very helpful post!

aika loraine

my hair grew longer now and I am doing some curls on it. I like the hair do. looks glam and cheek. I agree with you, outfit should be considered ALWAYS for special occasions.

Psychic Nest

Hi Klaudia,

Amazing photos along with your tips! The most stress usually comes from not trying enough hairdos or feeling that the one we have is not the “one”. By trial and error we can find what fits the most with our personality and the dress of course!



Loving this post of yours. I used to wear and sell hair extensions so I also enjoy beautiful hairdos. Right now though the short cut fits the summer

Nina Sogue

I agree about planning ahead. I’m not that good with fixing my own hair, so I always have someone else to do it for me. We always take too long because my hair is thick. I sometimes end with a style that I don’t like too. Thanks for the tips though. I’ll make sure to do trials next time 🙂


Great advice! I’m always at a loss on what to do with my hair when attending special occasions. I do need to practice practice practice.


my sister is actually trying to make her hair much longer because she is aiming to get her hair braid like this…it looks really cool and I wonder how much time is spent just to make it right! Kudos!

Rhyming with Wine

I love a nice up-do and I particularly like to see flowers in hair. There’s just something so strikingly beautiful and simple about it. Great tips and advice. Thanks for sharing with #passthesauce x


Imagine the time it takes to prepare. Haha, for women. I go for haircut, that’s it. But women are just being women and that’s the way it is.

Becky, Cuddle Fairy

I love the hair do’s with flowers! How beautiful for this time of year. I think the hair do makes a huge difference to the whole look & definitely shouldn’t be a last minute thought – although that’s usually the case with me unless I’m going to a wedding or big event. #passthesauce x


Now I would like my hair all long so I could braid it or have it glammed up. I like my hair looking neatly messy. I do not know how to describe it but its like you put everything on a bun but there are a few hair strands dropping along.

Eunis De Guzman

Oh my! this one is really helpful, I love to do some girly stuffs specially with my hair. Your hair do’s really fit in with your not so heavy make up’s and will look you more gorgeous. This make me feel I missed my long hair :'( will definitely explore something new when I got my hair long again.


Thanks for the advice! I have long hair now, but I used to have short hair. So I often feel that I don’t know what to do with my hair. I will definitely keep these tips in mind the next time I have a special occasion.


I love all of these hairdos! I have long hair and very rarely will I do something like this! I need a special event. I agree with your first point. You have to plan in advance what you want to do and then you need to practice it a lot so that it is perfect for the main day!

Stella @ Travelerette

This sounds like great advice! I have long hair now but I had short hair for most of my life. So I often feel like I don’t know what to do with my hair. I will try to follow this advice next time I have a special occasion.


Hey I love your article. Some of the hair at the Met Gala last night was the best I’ve seen on all of the red carpets during awards season. It is quite inspiring- if you haven’t seen some of the photos yet!


I miss my long hair! I have vowed to not post any pics until my hair is long again. Beautiful pics.