Stylish Bachelor Party Ideas

Stylish Bachelor Party Ideas

When planning for the last party before you tie the knot, you need to think big. Going away to Vegas or spending a weekend in the mountains with the blokes, either way, you need to make it memorable. It’s the last time you’ll have the chance to go wild without having to think what the spouse will say or nag you about when you’re back home. So, make it count by throwing the best bachelor party ever considering the following stylish bachelor party ideas.

bucks’ getaway

You know how bachelorettes have their spa getaways? Well, lads can have just as much fun during their weekend adventure. Are you more of a mountain kind of crowd, or would you prefer to hit the seaside instead?

Stylish Bachelor Party Ideas
Rent a cottage or a beach house for an entire weekend…

Rent a cottage or a beach house for an entire weekend and drive there on a Friday afternoon. Stock up on drinks and order food to have the best stag party ever with your party people. Include daily activities in the itinerary and turn the bachelor’s weekend into an exploring adventure. 

throw an exotic party

If you’d rather stay local but still want to party, rent a pool house for a night of drinks and games. Poker with the lads never gets old, and you can get the party started by inviting exotic stripers to keep you company. Offer the groom-to-be and the rest of the gang the best bucks party entertainment by hiring Premier Girls for your bachelor shindig. Make the party come alive and become the one for the books with hot strippers. 

Poker with the lads never gets old…

have a game night

Do you enjoy bowling? How about paintball? More bachelors are throwing their stag parties at bowling allies and golf courses, as they want to make the most of their last night as a bachelor. That’s an ideal option for everyone who doesn’t enjoy drinking and partying in an old-fashioned way but wants to add a kick to their party instead. However, if you have nothing against a little bit of alcohol during your session of laser tag, incorporate shots into an entire event.

Stylish Bachelor Party Ideas
Many bachelors are throwing their stag parties at golf courses…

That should be more than adventuristic for everyone. The rule is, you get hit, you have to take a shot of the chosen drink. Seeing the last man standing will be more than interesting.

fly out to vegas

Nothing screams bachelor party as one night in Vegas, right?

Get your “Hangover” experience first-hand and book a trip to sin city…

Get your ‘Hangover’ experience first-hand and book a trip to the sin city for all your mates. Go for this once-in-a-lifetime gambling experience and try your luck at some of the most renowned casinos in the world. Want to go further? Take everyone to a strip club because every groom-to-be deserves a lap dance when in Vegas. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! No regrets. Nobody needs to know how wild you’ll go at the nightclubs, right?

take everyone to a sports game

Is your crew all about basketball? Do you spend your Sunday afternoons watching football games? Whatever sports you enjoy as a group, plan for a night of games and beers. One option is to take everyone to the stadium and enjoy the show on the spot.

Stylish Bachelor Party Ideas
All that matters is that all your mates are having fun together…

However, if you’d rather order round after round at your favourite pub, that’s an option as well. Having a game night at home works too, for everyone who wants to avoid crowded places. All that matters is that all your mates are together.

final thoughts

Throwing a stag night only takes a little bit of brainstorming to be unforgettable. Think what the bachelor would enjoy the most and offer him the bucks’ night he’ll remember forever. Whether you go abroad, rent a beach house, have a game night or watch a game on tv, as long as you’re partying together, everyone will have the time of their lives.

Stylish Bachelor Party Ideas 

 by guest author

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Stylish Bachelor Party Ideas
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