Summer Holidays 2019 – How To Get In Shape For The Next Vacation

Summer Holidays 2019

How To Get In Perfect Shape For The Next Vacation

Vacations are one time in the year when we really want to look our best. We want to feel confident in our swimwear, clothes and of course, look incredible in our travel snaps! If you have plans for your summer holidays 2019 and want to look and feel fantastic, here’s how you can go about it.

     ⇒ Lose Weight and Get Toned

Losing weight if you need to, and toning up will allow you to feel your best when you’re away. If your new year’s health kick has begun to fall by the wayside, now is the time to start it up again and really go for it. Along with looking sleeker and more toned, you will also feel stronger and healthier too. If you’re going to a destination that requires you to do a lot of walking, being in good shape for that will make things a lot easier too.

Summer Holidays 2017
Summer Holidays 2019 in  Rome

Whether it’s exploring ancient ruins in Rome, mountain walks in Hawaii or trawling the street markets in Thailand, with many vacations your on your feet for long hours in the heat so boosting your fitness is always worthwhile. If you’re in good shape but diet and exercise aren’t removing stubborn areas of fat, you could try nonsurgical fat removal procedures such as cool sculpting.

More information can be found on sites like, for example. They say, because it’s nonsurgical there’s no recovery time needed, and you can get the results you’re after without going under the knife.

   ⇒ Hair Beauty & Skin Care Tips

A fresh complexion and shiny hair is every woman’s best accessory! To really feel your best, hair and skin beauty are two areas to work on. Put together a skincare regime and stick to it morning and night. A couple of times a week you could apply a pampering face mask, find a product that’s suited to your particular skin’s needs.

If you don’t want to be constantly shaving while you’re away, consider waxing since the results last for up to six weeks. One less thing to worry about while you’re travelling!

Go to the hairdresser for a trim to remove any split ends, and use hydrating masks and oils to get it into the best condition possible. While you’re away, use heat protectant spray each day in the sun. Being in the heat and in and out of the water is likely to dry out your hair and skin, so start off with it in the best condition possible and bring effective products with you to help your hair and skin beauty routine.

Summer Holidays 2017
Summer holidays 2019 in pretty figure flattering clothes

     ⇒ Find Figure Flattering Clothes

The right clothes will help you to feel confident. Work out your body shape and read advice tailored for that. This will prevent you from trying on things that aren’t likely to work for you and can make clothes shopping easier and more fun. Different lengths of skirts and shorts, different neckline styles and different fits will work best on certain shapes and figures to work out what’s best for you. Follow these easy tips and you will surely look amazing when you’ll take off for summer holidays 2019!

 Klaudia xx

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