The Psychology Of Your Home 101- DIY Home Decorating Ideas On An Affordable Budget

The Psychology of your Home 101

DIY Home Decorating Ideas On A Budget

When we remodel a house, if we’re honest with ourselves we mostly do it for two main reasons. Reason One is the aesthetic appeal, and there’s nothing wrong with that. A house that looks impressive is more likely to sell and will be pleasant to live in. Reason Two is practicality. Again, no harm there. There’s no point in a house looking great if you’re forever falling over tables.

One other reason we should look at when embarking on home modifications is psychology. If you want to develop a house to spend the next several years in, a vitally important step is to make sure you can be happy there. And not just happy. Efficient, functional and relaxed, too.


Decorating & Painting your Living Room

The psychology of a living room remodel is straightforward enough, and the aesthetic and practical angles play into it. For the former, you’re looking at plenty of natural light and a relatively neutral color on the walls. Magnolia is a safe bet, although a lighter purple such as lilac can be more pleasant. The key point is that it’s calming.

Practically, this is where a lot of your downtime is going to be spent. So entertainment appliances such as your TV will be here, and your soft furniture. Just not too much of it, as space is important for the sake of mental calm.


The Bedrooms

The most important thing about a bedroom is that it encourages comfort and positivity in the person who sleeps there. To that end, it is the room where individual choice is most important. There are few specific rules, except that it should be free of too much blue-toned light. And avoid clutter – if you wake up in the middle of the night, you don’t want to shatter your knee on an obtrusive ornament.

As for colors, ideally, you want a mild, positive tone. You may love orange, but does it help you switch off? Pick your favorite soothing shade.


The Kitchen

The psychology of the kitchen redo is different from any other room. It needs a brightness and energy to it that encourage activity. While you don’t want it to make you anxious, it’s important you don’t relax too much in the kitchen. Basking in the soothing tones of your wall paint is great up until you forget you’ve got a hot pan of oil in the oven.

For this reason, psychologists recommend going for a vibrant yellow on the wall – think mustard (American or French). Keep the surfaces relatively free of mess and clutter. Enthusiasm only goes so far if you can’t find anything and keep knocking utensils over.


Home Office Ideas

The psychology of a home office is among the most interesting and trickiest to balance. It certainly needs to encourage productivity, which means natural light is important. On the flip side, too big a window makes for too much temptation to look out of it. Equally, it needs to be comfortable enough to work in, while not being so comfy you doze off.

In this respect, only you can judge what works best for you. One tip color experts swear by, though, is that blue is the color that most encourages productivity. Factor that into your planning.


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