What’s The Secret of Feng Shui?

What’s The Secret of Feng Shui?

…or is it all just mumbo jumbo?

Statements of the benefits of this traditional Feng Shui practice are numerous and its efficiency can be traced from ancient times, otherwise, this practice would not have actually survived today. The ancient practice of Feng Shui is one of the oldest types of geomancy worldwide and can be traced back as far as 3500 years earlier in ancient China . The word actually suggests wind and water and this practice cares about the concept that QI (Wikipedia) or important energy can considerably influence and enhance a person’s life by attaining balance and harmony in their surroundings.

To use this practice means needing to acknowledge the relationship between man and the environment he lives in. The secret to this practice is locating the very important QI by organizing items inside or beyond your house and even your workplace space so that QI continually flows easily in the space consequently producing a favourable impact in different elements of your life. This ancient practice and belief are still being applied today and here are some techniques where the art of balance and harmony can make a difference in our lives.

The definition of “QI” 

What's The Secret of Feng Shui?
What’s The Secret of Feng Shui?

What is Qi?

  • Qi is energy in the very broadest sense possible.
  • Qi is universal.
  • Qi embraces all manifestations of energy, from the most material aspects of energy (such as the earth beneath your feet, your computer, and flesh and blood) to the most immaterial aspects (light, movement, heat, nerve impulses, thought, and emotion). Life, it is said in the Chinese medical classics, is a gathering of Qi. A healthy (and happy) human being is a dynamic but harmonious mixture of all the aspects of Qi that make up who we are.Qi is in a state of continuous flux, transforming endlessly from one aspect of Qi into another. It is neither created nor is it ever destroyed; it simply changes in its manifestation.  In order to talk about the relationships between the various aspects and manifestations of Qi within a given context, Chinese philosophy employs the concept of yin and yang.                                                                                          

source: University of Minnesota


The Five Phases Approach

…relies on the 5 aspects or phases of fire, earth, metal, water and wood. These elements interrelate with each other through a production cycle where fire produces earth, earth produces metal, metal produces water and water produces wood. Each element also corresponds to a particular instruction where water is placed in the north, fire is the south, east is wood, west is metal and earth is the center.

What's The Secret of Feng Shui? ...or is it all just mumbo jumbo?
What’s the secret of feng shui …or is it all just mumbo jumbo?

The very best method to apply this technique is to make sure that your space or the area you live in has a balance of all these components to produce good Qi otherwise too much of a particular element may break the other aspects and produce hazardous Qi rather.

The Flying Stars Method

Most likely the most challenging technique to apply traditional Feng Shui is the flying star technique which considers the date your house or office was constructed, a detailed layout and the outdoors environment of the place. It is similar to having a birth indication in astrology only this time it’s your home’s birth sign. Although this method can be complicated, it is the most accurate of approaches and generally done by master professionals. What this method intends to achieve is to harmonize your area by learning the very best components to enhance it and the components that have to be avoided.

What's the secret of feng shui ...or is it all just mumbo jumbo?
What’s the secret of feng shui …or is it all just mumbo jumbo?

The 8 Mansions Technique

The most popular application of traditional Feng Shui is the 8 mansions technique or the Ba Zhai.This approach needs you to calculate your KUA number based on your birth date. (Calculate your Kua Number here) This will help you determine your auspicious instructions since each Feng Shui KUA number corresponds to a specific instruction.
This approach aims to learn which instructions benefit you and which to prevent. It likewise assists you to discover if you are suitable for that certain area you’re living or remaining in. Learning the very best direction for you and enhancing that area can help you end up being more productive in regards to career, relationships, health and luck.

What's the secret of feng shui ...or is it all just mumbo jumbo?
What’s the secret of feng shui …or is it all just mumbo jumbo?

Feng Shui Benefits for Your Health

The magic of feng shui has actually long been declared for its capability to increase individuals’ energy level and offer them a much healthier life. This might sound unusual to some people but truly think of it. Feng shui requires a clutter-free, well-lit location with good air circulation. That by itself can do wonders but when applied with different feng shui techniques, it can make incredible improvements in your frame of mind. Nobody likes staying in a mess and that can affect you psychologically. 

Fresh air is essential in the modern-day world. Thousands of years ago there weren’t factories and automobiles all over that seriously diminish air quality. Even in your house, there are numerous toxins from things like your stove, fridge, and animalsThe simplest method to assist remove a few of these toxins and to add something beautiful to your house is to obtain some air purifying plants.

Lots of small palm and fern are renowned for their capability to draw in toxic compounds that are in the air. In addition, they put out oxygen which is constantly a good idea.

Lighting is not less essential. Light is one of the most powerful types of energy in the universe. Feng shui encourages the use of natural light whenever possible however in areas where that isn’t really an option, complete spectrum lighting is recommended.

Eliminate stuff you don’t really need and quit being a hoarder. By beginning with these fundamentals, you can find out more and start using feng shui techniques to improve your house and life.

source: The spiritual Feng Shui.com

  • Look deep into yourself and don’t be afraid to do so! That is the only way to develop and change in a beneficial way. Be honest with yourself – you deserve truth and awareness.
  • Open your palms, close your eyes and reach your arms up and out, as though you are waiting to be picked up or embraced. (This is necessary for unifying your soul with the universe)
  • Imagine the energy radiating from your heart, your lungs, your palms and that the energy is touching everything in its path.
  • Beam the energy away from you, sending it into the farthest corners of the universe.
  • Repeat this mantra: “I am open to positive change in any form it takes.

Nurturing yourself with Feng Shui practice and making use of the philosophy of Feng Shui in the home design will help you regain your own sense of destiny and purpose within the universe. Before you start any Feng Shui practice, whether it is about understanding Feng Shui Bagua or knowing Feng Shui Elements remember that Feng Shui is a spiritual discipline. It is just not about doing furniture placement using Feng Shui interior design but knowing yourself and your universe better so can get the positive energies of the universe and its objects.

What’s the secret of feng shui …is it all just mumbo jumbo? What’s your point of view now?

Klaudia xx



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heidi williams
7 years ago

I don’t think it’s mumbo jumbo at all. I love the philosophy and I studied Reiki so I know the theory of the body and energy is completely true. I have always kept gold in the corners of my rooms.