The Show Must Go On… Experiential Entertainment

The Show Must Go On

…and you’re in it!

The Show Must Go On...

Experiential Entertainment Trends

There is a new trend in entertainment sweeping the world and it’s called experiential entertainment. This is where you get to take part in a variety of ways. Entertainers come and entertainers go, and rarely can you remember what you’ve seen years down the road. The thought is that if you get to take part, it’s an ‘experience’ you’ll never forget. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, here are a few ideas on how you can be part of the show.

The Evolution of Experience in Entertainment

As a matter of fact, magicians have been using this strategy for hundreds of years. Participants from the audience are called up to take part in magic tricks. Today’s experiential entertainment is along the same lines, but much different in its evolution.

As time went on, the audience expected some kind of illusion. Even though the person called to the stage had fun, the rest of the crowd simply sat back and watched. Today, there are several ways in which the entire group can participate and that’s why it’s called experiential entertainment.

Hosting a Mystery Dinner

While these can be fun and entertaining, they are a lot of work. Even if you hire a host to lead the gathering through the evening’s mystery to be solved, there’s the dinner to plan (and maybe even prepare!), a guest list to consider, and all the work that goes into hosting a party of this magnitude. Along similar lines, there are now several cities around the country that have what are called “Escape Rooms.”

As the name implies, you must solve a mystery in order to escape the room you’re locked in. (Don’t worry, if you get claustrophobic, they’ll let you out.) One of the most notable experiences can be found in a Boston Escape Room where you have just one hour to solve the mystery to unlock the door. Your entire group can be entertained while joining in the fun.

Shocking Corporate Event Entertainment

Corporate events such as trade shows are where you are likely to be bored silly by an evening’s entertainment. Many of today’s movers and shakers are approaching entertainment for corporate events from another direction.

The Show Must Go On
The show must go on and you’re in it! –

Of particular note is not advertising entertainment, but rather, having it as part of the event’s main banquet, usually just before awards are given. The evening begins with cocktails before dinner. Unbeknownst to guests, there is a professional pickpocket or two The Show Must Go On... klaudiascorner.netmilling about in the crowd.

These professionals have resuscitated the lost ‘art’ of pickpocketing and will work their way through the guests picking up a wallet, keys, cell phones, and even ties while they are being worn.

Why would you want to see Oliver Twist when you can be a living victim yourself? When the speaker calls guests to their tables, the pickpockets are called up to the podium. Here they pull out items one by one to find the rightful and totally befuddled owners.

Experiences aren’t soon forgotten and why this type of entertainment is drawing more and more critical acclaim. Don’t bore your audience to the point of drowsiness. Get them involved and it’s a night they’ll never forget.

Klaudia xx


The Show Must Go On And You're In It - Experiential Entertainment Trends
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