The Spring Cleaning Checklist – How To Get Your Spring Cleaning Done In A Jiffy

The Spring Cleaning Checklist

The Spring Cleaning Checklist

How to Get Your Spring Cleaning Done In a Jiffy

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to take all month. Yes, it’s a big job and according to the rules we only have to do it once a year, but that doesn’t mean it should take over your life. There are corners of our homes we forget even exist sometimes, and the horrors that lay there aren’t worth mentioning. Does that mean we have to plan a 30-day long clean-athon? Of course not! With help of the Spring cleaning checklist, I have put together for you, you will get your Spring cleaning done in a jiffy!

The Spring Cleaning Checklist

  1. Bathroom
  2. Bedrooms
  3. Kitchen
  4. Living Room
  5. De-Clutter
  6. Shopping

1. Start with the Bathroom

It’s usually obvious what needs cleaning when it comes to the bathroom. Life gets so busy that leaked shampoo over the bath and pee on the bathroom floor is a regular occurrence. They’re easy enough to tackle. What you’re looking for is the build-up of grime that takes time to set in. The hair clogged in the drain, any cobwebs along the ceiling or makeup smears on the mirror.

Using the vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment along the walls will ensure you pick up any unwanted dirt and grime. You’ll also want to wash any pedestal mats or bath rugs. They have a habit of picking up bacteria. If you have an un-carpeted floor, it’s time to give it a mop. Use something with a lemon scent – it’s nice and refreshing for bathrooms.

The Spring Cleaning Checklist
The Spring Cleaning Checklist  –

2. The Bedrooms

Before you start cleaning the bedrooms, open all the windows to let some fresh air in. If the windows aren’t opened regularly, it can get a little musty inside. If anyone in the home is prone to allergies, you may want to give the mattresses a vacuum or invest in the best innerspring mattress for the money. Before changing the bed sheets, give the mattresses an hour to breathe. It may give you enough time to wash and dry the bed clothes. Now it’s time to clean the windows and dust the furniture and walls. You may want to hire someone to clean outside windows and paint the window sills.

The Spring Cleaning Checklist
The Spring Cleaning Checklist –

3. The Kitchen

This can often be the biggest job in the house, so if you want to leave it until last, no-one would blame you. If you’re a family that cooks and eats in a lot, the kitchen will be well used. If you’re cooking every day, it doesn’t leave much time for cleaning so I’d recommend doing this twice a year. Start off with the refrigerator and freezers. Clean and disinfect the outside and then take the contents out and do the same on the inside. You may find a lot of grease around the oven, microwave and even smaller appliances like the toaster and kettle. Remove things so you can clean underneath, do.

The Spring Cleaning Checklist - How To Get Your Spring Cleaning Done In A Jiffy

One of the best cleaning hacks I use in my own kitchen: cleaning the oven with baking soda and vinegar! Use an oven safe bowl with a few drops of vinegar and water inside, add some baking soda, turn the oven on with the bowl inside and let the steam do its magic. It’s ideal for getting rid of stubborn grease or bits of food. As you see, you don’t have to buy expensive spring cleaning products, even cleaning the drains with baking soda and vinegar works just amazing, also. 

4. The Living Room

Some people say the living room is the heart of the home. It’s where everyone goes to relax and have some conversation. Unfortunately, this also means it’s the most susceptible room to mess. This is your chance to revitalize the room. If your sofa has marks or holes in it, now is your chance to get it cleaned and repaired.  Good vacuum cleaners will remove any dust mites from sofas and rugs. You may require a step ladder to reach lights in order to replace bulbs or clear off any dust. It will also come in handy when you vacuum or dust the walls and ceilings. It’s probably time for Pizza now, right?

5. De-Clutter

When you’re ready for round 2, it’s time to get rid of the clutter that’s turning your home into a mess. We’re all guilty of it. It’s easy to gather clutter that just becomes part of the furniture. So, how do you decide what goes and what stays? Well, there are three simple questions to ask yourself.

  1. Do you like it?
  2. Does it have a home?
  3. Is it important?

You may have things you don’t like but you have to keep, like that ornament your grandmother bought you. And, you may have things you like but just don’t fit anywhere in your house. It’s time to be strong and either throw a few things in the bin or pass them along to people who could use them better than you.

6. Go Shopping

This isn’t an excuse to re-clutter your house. However, while you’re going through your entire home, you may find there are things you could use. Is it time to get some new induction cooking pans? Could that rug do with replacing? If you find there are things you want to update, make a list as you go along. Try not to buy things just for the sake of buying them, but stick to things you think you need. Here’s how to decide:

Needs are things we use to survive. We need food, we need water and we need shelter. You also may need a car to get back and forth to work to earn money for your needs. That being said, you’ll need clothing for the job to present yourself in the best way possible. You get the gist.

Wants are things that aren’t essential buys. For instance, you may want to drive a motorbike to work instead of a car.  It’s the same as having a 50” TV and wanting to upgrade to a 55”. There may be times in life where you’re able to treat yourself, but it’s not something that’s urgent. Prioritizing what you spend your money on could save you a lot and ensure your home isn’t filled with things you don’t really need.

Spring cleaning can really take it out of you, but you’ll be left with a great sense of achievement once all the tasks of the spring cleaning checklist are done and dusted.

Thanks a lot for your precious time!

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6 years ago

Thank you so much for this post. Lots of useful information here and I am definitely going to try the baking soda/vinegar solution on my oven.