Yoga Meditation Retreats – A Yoga Retreat Centre Well Worth a Visit

Yoga Meditation Retreats

a yoga retreat centre well worth a visit

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If you feel like stepping back in time or just watching time stand still the jump on the plane and travel to Portugal to the Yoga Evolution Retreat Centre. Sat below the hilltop village in the mountainous region of central Portugal and spread along the valley called Barcelo is an unspoilt and very well-loved and tendered centre for yoga and meditation.  When you arrive, which is usually at night, you simply look up and see the night sky with all of the stars twinkling away above your head.

Yoga Meditation Retreats 
Top Yoga Meditation Retreats – at a glance

It’s not hard to find space in this wonderful place which is set in six hectares of forest land with terraces dating back to the seventh century when the Moorish community lived here. Find yourself meandering down to the bottom of the valley. There you will find a stream and rock pools to cool off on a sunny day. You might want to explore all of the terraces which have ancient oak trees and lots of fruit and olive trees. You will literally lose yourself for hours on end.

If resting under a tree with a book from the extensive library is your thing then you can merrily swing side to side in one of the many hammocks dotted around the place.


You can choose from a selection of room types all very well decorated and furnished. It has the feel of east meets west and rustic meets modern, done in a very tasteful way. Single rooms are £550 and double or shared £500 per person. You have the option of a stone cottage with en-suite facilities or if you wanted to stay in an eco caravan then the cost is £450. This is great value for money considering all of your food and yoga classes are included.


If you like Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga or Yin then you can join a whole retreat focusing on this style of practice. If Vinyasa Flow is your thing then that is available too. You also have the opportunity of learning a whole new method of mindful meditation.

  Rest & Restore

Try taking a massage or receiving many different types of treatment from experienced therapists. Or how about taking part in a soap-making workshop or herbal walk around the grounds. 

Yoga Meditation Retreats
Top Yoga Meditation Retreats @

The inspirational healthy Yoga Holidays are held most of the year but visit the website for more information and booking.

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Yoga Meditation Retreats - A Yoga Retreat Centre Well Worth a Visit
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