Bathroom Decor & Design Ideas – 5 Ingenious Design Tips to Upgrade the Look of Your Bathroom

Bathroom Decor & Design Ideas

5 Ingenious Tips to Upgrade the Look of Your Bathroom in a Snap

Whether you have outdated fixtures and colour schemes, or you have architectural challenges, there are thousands of ways to apply the proverbial makeup on any pig. Here are five bathroom decor ideas to spark your creativity:

 Bathroom Decor & Design Ideas -
Bathroom Decor & Design Ideas –

   1. Clean Is King

They say that cleanliness is next to godliness and other than in the kitchen, nowhere will it be more evident than in the bathroom. A truly clean bathroom is the best kind of aesthetic. However, just keeping the countertops shiny, the shower stall sparkling, floor and toilet gleaming is only the beginning. Consider adding the following to your annual or biennial to do list:

• Deep clean grout between tiles

• Purge old cosmetics, toiletries, and cleaning supplies

• Remove and replace sealants around tubs, toilets and sinks

• Dust baseboards, trims, and any faux flowers, plants, or art on the walls

• Clean sliding window tracks

• If your laundry facility is in the bathroom, wipe down the appliances and clean out the dryer exhaust duct (this is also a safety concern and should be a top priority)

   2. Boldly Go – Where?

When it comes to architectural challenges, sometimes the answer is to go big or go home. Some bathrooms appear to have been afterthoughts without a standard four-sided rectangle shape with walls from other rooms encroaching into the area awkwardly. There is always an aesthetic way to use the space, so be creative and bold.

One way to accomplish this is to use items from another room of the house to display items you would normally hide. For example, roll up towels and place them in a decorative wine rack near the sink, or create a set of tiered hanging baskets to hold your extra tp. Another idea is to retrofit shelving into those odd spaces, say, above a toilet or over a door.

Bathroom Decor & Design Ideas
 Bathroom Decor Ideas – Shelving fitted into odd places

   3. Put Baby In The Corner

Along the same lines as working the funky shapes in your bathroom, put a stand-up only shower or a sink in a corner. Either of these adds an element of interest to the room and can create more floor space while using an otherwise unusable area.

     4. Hide The Ugly

One of the most common reactions to ugly features in a bathroom is to hide those features. If you’ve got pipes showing under a sink, create a sink skirt, place tall, sturdy plants in front of the pipes, or repurpose old window shutters to fit under the sink. If you’re handy, build a shelf that can house your toiletries and linens.

Rustic Look Bathroom – Divider with Shelving – Exposed Piping

If you’ve got the room, install a divider with inset shelving between the toilet and other parts of the bathroom. This partition can also be decorated in a variety of ways: cover with faux slate, tile, stone or brick for a rustic look. For a beach cottage look consider shiplap or wainscoting.

Bathroom Decor Ideas
 Sea Home House – Beach Cottage Look Bathroom  

   5. If You Got It, Flaunt It

Unlike the advice in the last paragraph, if you’ve got pipes showing in your bathroom, DON’T hide them – show them off. The industrial style with exposed copper piping is a current trend (just be sure that they are working correctly). Consider making the tubing the highlight of your bathroom decor by intentionally leaving it bare. Further, you can create shelving with brackets made from plumbing pipes and wood shelves. Adding wood and plants to an industrial style bathroom will keep the room cosy and not institutional.

Lastly, in any bathroom with design flaws or ugly features, keep in mind that the most basic and inexpensive way to kick it up a notch is to paint the walls in a trendy colour scheme, integrate fabric with coordinating patterns, and bring in living plants. You can have the bathroom of your dreams by mixing and matching any of the tips provided – no pigs or lipstick required.

Have fun!

Bathroom Decor & Design Ideas - 5 Ingenious Design Tips to Upgrade the Look of Your Bathroom
Bathroom Decor & Design Ideas – 5 Ingenious Design Tips to Upgrade the Look of your Bathroom – image ©


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6 years ago

I need to do everything in #1, ugh!!
On a positive note, I love the idea of using a wine rack for towels. How creative!