Destination Wedding Ideas – The 5 Hottest Wedding Destinations in 2021

Destination Wedding Ideas

The 5 Hottest Wedding Destinations 2021

In the past, any destination wedding ideas were reserved for a few specific destinations like Hawaii and Vegas. However, today, getting married outside your country is not limited to beach and Vegas weddings only. While they are still a popular choice, there are other destinations that are grabbing the spotlight and attracting couples who are ready to tie the knot. From lively cities to peaceful countryside, many places all over the world are perfect for wedding getaways.

No matter if you’re revisiting the destination where you’ve fallen in love or if you’re using your special event to discover new places, here are the five hottest wedding destinations for 2021: 

1. Sydney, Australia

Destination Wedding Ideas - The 5 Hottest Wedding Destinations in 2021
 – Sydney is suitable for all types of weddings – by Peter MInkoff

The reason why Sydney is at the top of this list is the fact that it’s suitable for all types of weddings. Want a beach wedding with a gorgeous ocean backdrop? Check. Sydney is blessed with many breathtaking beachside locations perfect for tying the knot and a small outdoor reception. Want an elegant wedding in a posh venue? Check. You can hire a venue in Western Sydney and enjoy a magical wedding at an idyllic destination. With high ceilings, gold chandeliers, lavishly decorated ballrooms, elegant garden terraces and functional yet regal design, your venue will provide you with a fairytale reception. Want a quick ceremony followed by a night of wild partying? Double-check! Sydney always provides crazy nightlife! 


2. Istra, Croatia

Beautiful Istra is home to sparkling blue water and cute little seaside towns

Croatia’s coastline is truly magical, especially when you look at the northwestern peninsula. Istra is home to sparkling blue water, cute little seaside towns and vistas you can only find on postcards. The beaches are rocky and not sandy, but that’s okay because you won’t have to fight too many tourists as you take wedding photos. Istra is also known for amazing food and wine (Istra has the first Michelin-star restaurant in the country) so your guests will definitely go home with a full belly and pleasantly tipsy. And if you choose to stay in Croatia for a few days and have your honeymoon here, there are plenty of fun activities you will enjoy, from exploring medieval castles to getting your adrenaline up with watersports. 


3. Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle, Sri Lanka – For the best weather, visit from December to March

If you want to get the best of both world, city and beach, Galle in Sri Lanka will provide. This Unesco World Heritage site has ravishing city streets and gorgeous beach resorts where you can retire for the day. Make sure to stay a few days after the wedding to explore the city to the fullest and get to know its surroundings. For the best weather, visit Galle from December to March. 


4. Dubai, UAE

The best time to get married in Dubai is from November to April

Dubai is possibly the most diverse city in the world, so it has a ton of different wedding venues and ballrooms for different moods and preferences. All venues are exclusive and glamorous and every location is accessible. The prices are very competitive and you can come up with pretty much anything that pops in your head, your local wedding planners will deliver. Getting married in UAE is not easy and there are many requirements you need to satisfy, but if you start preparing in advance, you’ll have everything ready for your wedding. The best time to get married in Dubai is from November to April, otherwise, the weather is too hot. 


5. Thailand

Thanks to the country’s good COVID-19 response, it is ready to welcome tourists again

If you’re a couple that cares for natural beauty, Thailand is your destination. The beaches are stunning, but you don’t have to limit yourself to a beach wedding – there are jungle lodge weddings, mountain retreat wedding, botanic garden weddings and even private villa weddings. But if you’re set on the beach, Koh Samui, Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi have many private beaches perfect for your event. Thanks to the country’s good COVID-19 response, it is ready to welcome tourists again. If you wish to marry in Thailand, you need to appear in person with your respective passport and arrival card at the Embassy in Thailand to confirm that you’re not married already and free to tie the knot under the law of the county. The registration will be affected by a Thai Diplomatic or Consular Officer. 

These five destinations are perfect for a 2021 wedding and a nice little getaway. Choose one, book your trip, check the requirements and finally mark the biggest day in your life properly!  

author Peter Minkoff

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Destination Wedding Ideas - The 5 Hottest Wedding Destinations in 2021
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