Staying Fit Tips & Tricks – 5 Fun Ways to Integrate Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

Staying Fit Tips & Tricks

5 Fun Ways to Integrate Exercise into your Daily Routine

Are you one of them who snoozes the alarm clock to steal some time on the bed and avoid your daily work out regime? Exercising is good, we all know, but how many of us incorporate it into our daily life. Certainly, exercises are boring and tiring, but it can be fun if integrated in an interesting way. It is a common misconception that you need to invest an hour in the gym for a perfect exercise regime. However, this is not true!

You can follow a healthy lifestyle with some of the fun exercises according to your mood. Yes, you heard it right! Exercise can be fun and you need only ten to fifteen minutes every day to shed that extra fat on your belly. This article will guide you through five fun ways to integrate exercise into your daily life.

  • Play

Yes, play! You might be wondering how playing can be a form of exercise? Play your favourite baseball game or spend some happy hours in the park with your pet. Bring a Frisbee and play a few rounds with your child and stay healthy. Nay form of physical movement is enough to help your body use that extra fat.

Staying Fit Tips & Tricks - 5 Fun Ways to Integrate Exercise Into Your Daily Routine
Staying Fit Tips & Tricks –
  • Stand and flex

While you are standing in a line in a grocery store, bank, or a supermarket payment counter, start doing flexes and lose some fat. It not only helps in time pass but also tonnes your stomach. Try to do some abs and notice the difference.

  • Walk

No, we are not talking about a morning or evening walk. Here we are talking about that extra mile you have been avoiding all the while. Park your car at a spot that is far from your office. This will let you do some extra walking.

Staying Fit Tips & Tricks -
Staying Fit Tips & Tricks –

Use stairs instead of elevators and ride a bus from the next stop. Try walking as much as you can to integrate some activities in your everyday life.

  • Clean your house

Who doesn’t love a clean house? Incorporate the warrior look and spring clean your house. Make cleaning a regularly weekend task. Take some help from your partner and enjoy the household chores together. The cleaning tasks work great when you do not want to exercise.

  • Find an alternative to the treadmill

If you feel lazy going to the gym, get an alternative at home. Invest in good adjustable dumbbells and start your work out at home. Try some alternative way to workout that is interesting and you get to learn some new activities as well. Spice up your dance classes or learn kickboxing. Take a Zumba class or start cycling. Be innovative and take up something new that is very interesting and works as the best alternative to the treadmill.

Staying Fit Tips & Tricks -
Staying Fit Tips – 5 fun ways to integrate exercise into your daily routine

Apart from exercising, it is important to stay happy and innovative. Life can be stressful at times. You may not want to work out or do any exercises. At times when you feel like staying at home, boost up your mood some fulfilled activities. Follow the below points to boost up your mood and stay stress-free.

 • Stretching helps in bringing flexibility to your muscles and gives you energy. Stretch your body first thing in the morning and stay active all day. Daily affirmation is the way to give self-assurance and improves your positive mindset.

  • As Ronald Reagan said ” Life is a grand, sweet song. So start the music” Learn to play the ukulele or any musical instrument you like. Whenever you feel stressed play your favourite music to give you a boost. Music always helps in bringing good energy to the body.

  • Eating clean food is important for a healthy lifestyle. Eating the right food helps you build immunity and strength.

  • It is important to invest in a good mattress! Check out sites like Sleeping Culture to find out which mattress is best for you. When you have a good night’s sleep you wake up with an active mind.

The only way to stay fit is to stick to eating the right food and trying out physical activities which you find interesting. Exercising can be really boring, however, incorporating physical activities like dancing; playing or finding a gym buddy is a great way to achieve your goals. Though exercising is important in maintain weight and improving the overall health, you can overcome the daily routine and try something new. Incorporate new hobbies in your daily routine that helps you remain active and stress-free.

Whatever you think is yours, do it!

Klaudia xx


Staying Fit Tips & Tricks - 5 Fun Ways to Integrate Exercise Into Your Daily Routine
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