Job and Family – 3 Smart Career Development Tips For The Modern Woman

Job and Family Life 2018

3 Smart Career Development Tips for the Modern Woman

The workplace is still a patriarchy and though women might appear to be equal, we all know from our own experiences that this simply isn’t so. While this is frustrating and in 2018 really shouldn’t be an issue anymore, women still need to work harder than their male peers as well as do the majority of work at home.

Job and Family Life 2018

It is clear that there needs to be a change and we must redesign the future for women at work, but what can you be doing right now to help improve your chances of progression without risking burnout?

  • Sit at the Table

Sheryl Sandberg is one of the most accomplished businesswomen in the world and she makes the great point that if you always stand off to the side or in the background, you won’t be noticed and valued at work. When Sheryl Sandberg says ‘sit at the tableshe is essentially telling women to step up, however risky it might feel. There is a definite double standard in that assertive women are often received negatively where men are celebrated, but you should try it anyway.

Job and Family Life 2018

Another aspect to this is making sure that you are heard during meetings, especially if you have a good idea to share with your colleagues. Because of the social fear of standing out, many women often sit quietly through meetings or even let their male colleagues speak for them. Have confidence in your abilities and if a colleague tries to mansplain you, thank him for reinforcing the point you just made – or maybe start wearing a false moustache to meetings!  

  • Fulfil Your Potential

You are a smart, independent woman, fully capable of doing anything you set out to do. Don’t let anyone hold you back. If you want to take time out to complete supply chain management online programs, you do it. If you want to go in a different direction and try something new, give it a go. If you want flexible working hours so that you can fit your job and family in better, go and see your manager and ask what they can do for you. Because the workplace can be so hostile to women, it’s easy for you to just give up and stay in the job that is easy but won’t stretch you or develop your skills. 

Job and Family Life 2018

Having the confidence to say that you have not yet fulfilled your potential and a plan for what you can do about that should impress your boss into making something happen for you. And if it doesn’t, it’s time to move on to a new role somewhere that will value you properly.

  • The Impossible Balancing Act

So much more is expected from working women than men. It’s usually up to her to organize job and family life, somehow. But this isn’t something you are powerless to change. If you feel that your partner should be pulling some more weight, have a chat with him about what else he could be doing to make your life easier.

The thing is, that home roles are so socially ingrained. He probably has no idea that you are doing so much. And, once he does realise, you can take steps together so that you have a better foundation for succeeding at work.

Klaudia xx


Job and Family Life 2018 - 3 Smart Career Development Tips For The Modern Woman
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