The Healthy Family Guide: 6 Steps To Building A Healthy Family

The Healthy Family Guide

6 steps to building a healthy family

We all want a healthy and happy family, that is probably the main thing you dream about while walking down the aisle in your stunning wedding dress. We understand that the life choices we make for our families will probably be carried down to the next generation. A healthy family is created. It is developed by design, and it is an ongoing process. Below you’ll find some clues on how to provide the tools your family needs to be balanced, focused, and happy. Begin with slow but deliberate steps toward your goal.

The Healthy Family Guide: 6 Steps To Building A Healthy Family
Choices we make now might be carried down to the next generation.

How do you define a healthy family?

We have been taught that the development of a happy family comes from eating properly, exercising, and getting enough rest. We need regular visits to our doctor and dentist, and we need people in our life circle that support and love us. These things are all true. But building a healthy family reaches far beyond the basics. These suggestions focus only on the physical issues we face. Let’s look at the picture through a wider lens.

    1. Physical Health

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Rest
  • Annual Check-Ups from Doctor and Dentist

   2. Emotional Health

Every member of the family must know how to express their feelings. The home is a safe place. This includes teaching your child how to identify and express their emotions in a healthy way. Teach by example. Say the words, “I love you” or “You did well” or even “You hurt my feelings.” Accept that the words are building blocks. When we have anger or frustration, it will come out in negative ways. Make your home judgment-free and encourage the art of conversation.

The Healthy Family Guide: 6 Steps To Building A Healthy Family
Every member of the family must know how to express their feelings

   3. Spiritual Health

You may have faith in God and your religion. Perhaps you think of nature as the creation and find your position as a species there. You might believe in evolution. Many parents wait until their children can form their own ideas on the subject. However you choose to incorporate your spiritual health into your world, it is comforting to conclude you have a higher power.

   4. Socialization

The art of loving ourselves, our family, and others. Let these basic tips help you begin to build your healthy family. As you can see, some of the attributes of creating your healthy family are personal, and only you and your life partner or family support system can address them. Talk about these things and decide together how you will teach these values to your family.

   5. Everyone Matters Equally

This is a big issue. Our busy schedules make it difficult to have a family life, career, and social life. It seems that one parent is always on the go trying to get Tommy to football practice and Nickie to dance class. Make a calendar as a family. Write each person’s name and their activities in a specific colour. Include pick-ups, to and from events and not the time these things take.

The Healthy Family Guide: 6 Steps To Building A Healthy Family
Create a family calendar to make sure you give each child equal time

Now, look at the calendar. Is there a specific colour that dominates the calendar? Everyone has a clear picture, and everyone should be part of the solution. The trade off duties with the other parent. If one child is in too many activities, eliminate some of the activities. Make sure you give each child equal time.

   6. Mandatory Family Night

It does not matter when it is. Pick an evening for family time. For example, select Tuesday night from 7 to bedtime. On that day, children do their homework when they get home. Do something as a family. Go for a walk to the park and play with the kids, play board games, order pizza and watch a movie, work on a puzzle. Whatever you do, do it together. It is important to break away from routine every once in a while.

The Healthy Family Guide: 6 Steps To Building A Healthy Family
Pick an evening for family time, play with the kids or watch a movie…

Sometimes you just want to do nothing but have a snack and make this a special night. Let the kids fill a sandwich baggie with candy for the week. You may be challenged. Tommy may have allergies and no one wants the kids on a sugar rush. Look online and buy candy that is right for your child. Buy personalized candy and they will know it was selected just for them.

 Bonus Tips

    • Be a Partner First

A long time ago, you met someone and fell in love. You chose to spend the rest of your life together. Then your love grew in the form of children. So many times people focus all their time on the children that they ignore their partner. This is what numbs relationships and sometimes kills them. Set an example for your kids that you are a team. Make sure you have at least one date night a month. Let the kids bond with their grandparents. For that one night, you are with the person you love. All your focus is on them.

   • Adult Issues Stay Between Adults

Never discuss adult issues in front of your children. Even is the disagreement is about them, take it behind closed doors. All they need to know is the decision that was made. Do not insult each other, blame each other, or disrespect each other in front of your child. How you treat each other will be a road map to how they treat their partner, Give your kid a break. It will take a little effort, but you can build a healthy family. Soon it will just be a normal routine. Your entire family will be happier and healthier for years to come.

…so far, Klaudia xx


The Healthy Family Guide 6 steps to building a healthy family
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