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What Men Want Women To Know

 What Men Want Women To Know

Today I feel very proud and honoured to have Heidi Ann Williams writing for me and you. Most of you will know how much I admire Heidi’s skills in writing and her unique style, never afraid to speak out loud when needed! I am sure, you will enjoy this excellent article as much as I did. Fancy more great reads? You can find Heidi here womanpulse.com So, okay, now let’s focus on Heidi’s thoughts on Dating Techniques

“Stop heaping your own definition of love on men and recognize that men love differently”  Steve Harvey


 What Women Need to Understand About Men

It’s not a news flash that men and women think differently. If we are being honest we will never completely understand each other but if you’re going to be in a relationship with a man, some level of understanding how men tick is essential in my opinion. Ladies, if you haven’t read any Steve Harvey books you need to. While writing I talked to male friends about what women should know about men and here’s a list of things that drive men wacky about women:

  • Drama
  • Clinging 
  • Jealousy 
  • Complaining 
  • Talking about Exes 
  • Gossiping

Here’s a list of things they need:

  • Respect 
  • Reassurance 
  • Appreciation 
  • To feel wanted

Men are creatures of Ego, they are taught at an early age to provide and protect and that their identity is tied up into what they do, how much they make and being a leader hence the reason men are so much more competitive than women. Imagine the pressure that goes along with that.

 What Men Want Women To Know
What men want women to know – klaudiascorner.net
  • Men want you to know that they are not mind readers. You have to tell them what you want and need.
  • Men want you to know that when you reject them sexually, they feel rejected period.
  • Men want you to know they are going to look, they are visual, but that doesn’t mean they want that person.
  • Men want you to know that they love when they come home and you’re done up, not for a night out but that you took the time and effort to look good for them means something.
 What Men Want Women To Know
What men want women to know  – klaudiascorner.net

“Women have emotional needs, men have egotistical needs.” Michael Baisden

• Men are going to look at porn, on average it can be up to four times a week. It isn’t because they don’t feel attracted to you anymore, it’s to see sex and yes it has something to do with variety. To be honest I would rather have that than the alternative. Studies are showing women are looking at porn almost as much.

• Men hate complaining. If you think about it we probably all do but to them, there’s nothing worse than coming home from a long day to a list of gripes. It’s all in your approach, ask instead of demanding, precede it with appreciation, for all they do but above all be ready with that greeting hug because in your arms should be that safe place to fall.

• Men want you to know that they mean what they say and that’s exactly what they mean, there are no grey areas.

• Men don’t really talk about their emotions much and it isn’t that they don’t want you to maybe not so much, they tend to relay their feelings in the things they do and they want you to know that everything they do is about the life you have together.

 What Men Want Women To Know
What men want women to know by Heidi Williams  
Men want you to know they need their own space as well and that doesn’t mean they are trying to get away from you. It could be a boy’s night or anything. My husband skates, the point is we all need that me time to decompress and de-stress, don’t take it personally. Men’s needs aren’t all that different it’s just their brains work differently. We all need respect, trust, love!


 author: Heidi Ann Williams/ womanpulse.com

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8 years ago

Good read! Let me add, there is a kid inside every man, give him the space to be, in the confines of your own home. And this kid in us, at times, would like to also to run to you, and cry. Be there to comfort listen and nurture.

Dominic Barrios
Dominic Barrios
8 years ago

Ohhh I love the topic! While I agree on some points, I don’t agree on just one thing. PORN. But I’m just probably an exception to the rule!(?) . But the best thing that you said was: Men want you to know that they are not mind readers ! You have to tell them what you want and need.

I totally agree with that. And I always tell my wife to tell me what she wants. CLEARLY! I hate guessing!

Me-An Clemente
8 years ago

I totally agree with this. It’s great to be reminded of what men expect of us especially on the mind reading part. Understanding how the brain of our significant other works is key to minimizing disagreements. It also leaves more room for intimacy.

8 years ago

Thank you for this. I’ve read Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus years ago and though I still remember a few pointers, I cant anymore recall most of its content. Reading your post refreshes those what men want list. Again, thank you b

8 years ago

I read books by Allan and Barbara Pease, two of my fave authors, about how men and women think and I think what you said is quite similar to what they were relaying. I also suggest that you try reading it. 🙂

8 years ago

I could imagine how deep feelings have been hiding inside of men’s. Girls, let’s understand them the way we want to be understood.

8 years ago

I just discovered, after a few couple relationships, that men are actually more emotional and romantic than me (or women in general!) they think about surprises, flowers, gifts while a lot of women expect to just receive them. Maybe I would’ve done better if I had treated them occasionally to return the favor. Cook their favorite food, bring them gifts, etc.

8 years ago

Really interesting point of view! I embrace the differences between men and women and really find a lot of solace in it. I like being with someone that is different than me and who we can compliment each other. I think it is true that men may need more space but that it isn’t anything personal. Sometimes I need space, too!

8 years ago

Interesting point that men are driven more by ego than emotions. That does explain so much about why men and women view relationships and what a “good” relationship entails from completely opposing views!

8 years ago

I have tons to learn from this list. I’m very thankful I have a patient partner. It starts with acknowledging you great up with different upbringing. And giving grace when you don’t understand their way of thinking.

8 years ago

And if I may add, on ego, it is also men are more emotional than women however, the society looks at men showing emotion as weakness, hence the need to be strong even if inside, they could be burning up. 🙂

8 years ago

Pinned all the photos !

8 years ago

So awesome thanks for your support blogging buddy.